Pancreatic cancer is currently the 4th most frequent cause of cancer-related death. Due to its high aggressiveness, resistance to therapy and early metastatic spread (hallmarks of pancreatic cancer), pancreatic cancer is projected to become the 2nd most lethal tumor by the year 2030. A small percentage of pancreatic cancer patients (less than 20%) have localized disease at the time of diagnosis. For these patients, surgical resection is a viable option that can be curative. The remaining and majority of patients, however, present with advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer at the time of diagnosis, severely limiting life expectancy beyond 6-12 months post diagnosis. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop new therapeutics to combat this deadly cancer. This is the primary mission of the SainzLab.

While we have received private, national and European funding to research pancreatic cancer, funding in general is low and hinders our ability to take our research to the next level. We strive for increased benefits in a short period of time.

The Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital (FIBioHRC)  allows us to channel donations to strengthen and enhance our research, specifically its pre-clinical and clinical potential.

If you would like to support our research via a donation, please send an email to [email protected] and we will provide you the necessary details to facilitate your donations via the FIBioHRC. We thank you for your consideration. Likewise, we thank all those who have already donated to this cause.